Module 1, A personal letter

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Module 1, A personal letter

Post  Jamal on Fri Feb 20, 2009 8:20 pm

A-personal letter

232 Manama,
2nd –Nov.–09

Dear Ahmed,
This is Ali Hassan, Remember me?
We were together in Ahmed Alomran Secondary School. We haven't seen each other for about four years – right?
Anyway. How are you?
I got your address from your cousin Hosam.
What are you doing now? Are you studying here in Bahrain?
You always wanted to be a doctor!

At the moment I'm studying Business in London.
I think I have changed a lot over the years. I don't like playing football any more, I prefer playing table tennis now.
Do you remember Said Alhayiki? he's in the same class with me, and guess what? We're best friends now!

Well, I must finish now because I have to help my friend Sameh in the kitchen. Write back soon and tell me all your news.

All the best,


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