Module 2. A Rescue Story

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Module 2. A Rescue Story

Post  Jamal on Fri Feb 27, 2009 2:59 pm

One day I went out with my father to visit some of our relatives in Isa Town. We left home at about 18:30. My father was driving slowly when; suddenly a car drove past us out of control. The car crashed and it caught fire.

First we ran toward the burning car, and I saw the driver and a child were trapped inside. The child was screaming. I stood there for a moment I just couldn’t think that I could help. My father shouted at me he told me to call for help, I called for help and I went toward the car to give my father a hand.

The driver was slightly hurt, he had some bruises on the face and his nose was bleeding. I couldn’t believe what I did, I took my shirt and I put it on the door handle. It was very hot but we managed to get the front door opened. We took the driver out and then the little boy.

In the end, I stood there for a while I couldn’t believe, it was my first experience. I don’t think we did any heroic deed, but the driver came towered my and thanked me a lot for my bravery before he was taken to hospital. It’s a feeling you can’t describe when you feel that you saved someone’s life.


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