Module eight, exercises- writing a letter of complaint, class (B)

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Module eight, exercises- writing a letter of complaint, class (B)

Post  Mahmoud on Mon Mar 02, 2009 2:26 am

(B) workshop

You read an advertisement about a Q&Q watch in the newspaper which made you buy one from the company’s branch in Manama. A lot of problems with the watch soon appeared. Finish this letter of complaint to the manager telling him/her about what happened and what you want.

11 market street,
2nd July, 2008

Q&Q Ltd,
Dear Sir/Madam,
In your advertisement on the watch you wrote about many advantages concerning the product. However, everything turned out to be false. On the one hand, you said that the watch is very sharp and never breaks down, but it stopped working two days after I bought it. I was really astonished. Now it is four minutes behind the exact time.
Moreover, you also claimed that its color does not fade and that it is totally original. The one I bought was golden, but right now it is completely white. In addition, you mentioned that there are many hot lines for customers to solve any problems, but it seems that no body is there for help; I have been telephoning you since the last week, but it was no use.


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