Module seven, warm-up-exercises-vocabulary,class(B)

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Module seven, warm-up-exercises-vocabulary,class(B)

Post  Mahmoud on Mon Mar 02, 2009 2:48 am

(B) .......warm-up

Match the words with their definitions:

1- Begging
2- Drugs
3- Homelessness
4- Poverty

( ) Being without a home.
( ) The state of having little or no money.
( ) Any natural or artificially made chemical which is taken for pleasure, and which a person cannot stop using.
( ) Asking for money or food in the street by a poor person.

Classify these words in the table:

fluctuate – rise – climb – decline – rocket – fall – on the increase
– double – on the rise – on the decrease - triple

To go up================ To go down================= To go up & down


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