Module 2, Writing a picture story

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Module 2, Writing a picture story

Post  Jamal on Sun Feb 22, 2009 1:13 am

Writing a story

One day, Ameera was walking to her neighbour’s house.
It was raining and it was very cold. While she was walking,
she saw some children playing in the street.

She stopped for a while to watch the kids playing with
a small ball in such a very bad weather; when suddenly a boy kicked the ball accidently toward the deep wadi.

One of the kids jumped into the wadi to get the ball, he didn’t know that the wadi was so deep.Ameera discovered that the boy was not a good swimmer and he was about to sink.

Ameera took a very quick decision, so she ran fast annd jumped in the deep wadi to help the little boy.Ameera couldn't help him alon because the water was too deep. So, she whistled for her dog Andy which came in seconds and jumped and he pulled the boy from his shirt and helped and them out.

Finally, Ameera was happy that she did a good thing, so she was given
a medal for her bravery. Ameera’s father was very proud of her too.


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