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Informal letter giving advice

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Informal letter giving advice Empty Informal letter giving advice

Post  Jamal Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:18 am

233 Hamad Town
15th April 2008
Dear Fatima,
Hi honey, how're you? How is you family? I hope that you're
all fine. How is the holiday with you? I'm really happy that
you've decided to visit us in Bahrain. It'll be very interesting to
spend the holiday with you.
Anyway, I'm writing to give you some pieces of advice regarding the
points you've asked me about. First, you don't have to bother
your self bringing any presents. But if you insist you can bring
some Switzerland chocolates for my parents as they really adore
them. Secondly, I like the New ESCADA perfume so you can
bring it for me. Thirdly, it's very hot and wet in Bahrain so
bring a lot of light clothes with you. As for formal clothes, I
think you'll need to bring some as we'll do a lot of out-door
Well, I'll stop now. I'll do some shopping with my sister to
prepare for her birthday.
All the best


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