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Formal letter

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Post  Jamal Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:20 am

Name and address of the receiver
{ Greeting:
- Dear Ms / Mrs / Ms [If you know their name].
- Dear Sir/Madam [If you do not know their name].
{ The Introduction:
- Reasons for writing [I am writing to apply for the job of …].
- The name of job [Volunteer worker, accountant, engineer …].
- Where have you seen the advertisement? [On T.V, in the
newspaper, On the Internet …].
- When have you seen the advertisement? [Last week, two days
before …].
{ The Body:
- Paragraph (1): Reasons for interest [Explain why you are
interested on the job].
- Paragraph (2): Personal qualities [Give examples to show your
personal qualities].
- Paragraph (3): Qualifications [Write about your qualifications
and practical skills].
{ The Conclusion:
- Signing off [I look forward to hearing from you / I look forward
to receiving your reply].
Yours sincerely, [When you know the person's name]
Yours faithfully, [When you do not know the person's name]
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