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Describing a person

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Describing a person Empty Describing a person

Post  Jamal Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:25 am

My friend is called Nora. She is seventeen and she lives with her
family in ''Muharraq''. She is a student in Al'ahd Alzaher secondary
girls school. She has many hobbies such as watching films, shopping and
listening to music. She is fond of food and her favorite meal is
"Fish". She hates doing any sport especially running.
Nora is quite tall and a bit at. She has got long straight brown
hair. She has got an oval face with white skin and pink cheeks. Her eyes
are brown with dark eyebrows. Her lips are small and she always wears
pink lipstick. She does not wear a lot of make-up because she is pretty.
She is very cheerful and she has a wonderful smile. Also, she is
sociable and she has got a lot of friends. Sometimes she is bad-tempered
especially when she deals with her brother. Nora lives in a huge mess!!
She is not organized at all. However, when you know her well, you will
find that she is honest all the time and very generous.
I think that Nora is unique and priceless. I love her because she is
modest and very kind. I wish her all the best.


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