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A film, a story or a book review

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A film, a story or a book review Empty A film, a story or a book review

Post  Jamal Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:35 am

A film or a book review

The ( film/book/story) is written by Peter Taka, and (directed/produced/written) by Son Don in 2002. Like all the American ( films/books) it is full of action, drama, and blood comedy or.....
The story of the ( film/book/story) takes place in Texas, in the USA, in a small town called Silent Hill. The story is about a mother and her son who can't sleep at all. The mother takes him down town to hospital, but in their way they make a big accident where she loses her son. With the help of a nice girl called Sarah, she finds him in the end.
I like the role of the actors/characters on this (book/ film), from my point of view, specially Sarah.
I advise all my family and friends to (watch/read) this ( film/book), because I think they will enjoy it very much, but I don’t advise kids to (read/watch) it


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