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Describing a house/My dream house

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Describing a house/My dream house Empty Describing a house/My dream house

Post  Jamal Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:47 am

My dream house

My house is a large villa near Al damam Beach. The house is made to resist the hot sun in the summer, and the rain in the winter. The house is a mix between the past and the modern features. It is also surrounded with a nice fence.

My house consists of two floors. The first floor is made for meeting people, and the second floor for sleeping. There are six bathrooms, three in each floor, and a big kitchen in the first floor.
The house also has two swimming pools, the first one is an indoor swimming pool for my family, and the second one is an out door swimming pool for my friends.

On the roof I have a single room with a small kitchen an a bathroom which I spend most of my free time playing the guitar. This room is designed to block any noise I make when playing the guitar, in order not to annoy my nieghbours.

As for me this is the best place to spend the rest of my life. I also like everything in the house, I have more room for my friends and relatives when they come to visit or stay with me.

Describing a building

Al Seef Mall is a nice mall located North of Manama by the sea. In front of the Mall there is a big area to park your car.
It is a very modern building from the inside, but when you look at it from the outside the shape looks like the old building in Bahrain 100 years ago.
This great building is made of concrete, metal, glass, and marble. The building consists of two floors. The first floor is made for the well-known shops, and the second floor is made for cinemas, cafes, and restaurants.
In this modern building you will feel and touch the latest technology starting with the lifts, escalators, and the banking system, in addition to the security system, where you can see cameras all over the place.
In my opinion, I think this is the best place to spend your free time meeting your friends and to enjoy your time


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