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A friendly letter

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A friendly letter Empty A friendly letter

Post  Jamal Sun Jun 13, 2010 3:37 am

Sakkara City
25th October

Dear Salim,

How are you? I hope the summer job is going well. Have you decided where to go on holiday?

Any way we are camping here on Sakkara city. There is no life here; you can say that we are in the middle of nowhere. We have been here for about one week but it feels longer. It’s very hot here especially during the day.

We spend most of the day sightseeing the old remains. We all share in cleaning the old city in the afternoon, and we also play hide and seek at night.

Here is some news for you about the group. Ahmed complains about everything as usual. Ali tries to make fun of everything. And our smart guide Noor gets lost everyday but then I’m sure you can imagine about the rest.

I have to finish now because I’m very tired. Write back soon. I will be home in one month time.

All the best,



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