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A story

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A story Empty A story

Post  Jamal Sun Jun 13, 2010 3:40 am

A story

It was a nice day in winter and the sun was shining, so we had decided to go camping in Al Skhair in Bahrain. We had arranged to meet up at five o’clock. As usual I went very early, Salem and Noor came very late.

When we had got everything ready, we started to move in our own cars. We had moved for a few miles by the time we noticed that the sky was getting dark. We arrived in an hour time, we began to put the tents, just then it started to rain. We kept on putting our luggage in the tents, we made a bon fire. We were happy my friends were dancing around the fire. An hour later, it started to rain again but heavily this time, I was actually scared but I preferred not to tell the others my feelings. I was thinking what to do when suddenly Ali screamed loudly ‘‘we are surrounded with water’’.

We hurried to our cars but in vain it was completely covered with water. It looked like a small lake. It seemed like we didn’t have the enough experience to choose a good location for our camp. Things were going worse; we had to climb the hills to keep away from the water. All of us thought of calling for help. Luckily we had our phones working so we phoned the emergency services.

Two of my friends got faint on the hill when they saw the firemen helpless because we were completely surrounded with water from everywhere. In the end, we heard the fire men calling for more help and they asked for a helicopter. At last our parents came to collect us after this sad experience. While we were going home we talked about how lucky we had been. It had been a very long and tiring day but we all felt happy to be back home.


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