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Write an essay about your ideal school

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Write an essay about your ideal school Empty Write an essay about your ideal school

Post  Jamal Sun Jun 13, 2010 3:43 am

At the moment, I go to a big school north of Manama. Though this school has many advantages and facilities but I dream of a better one.

My ideal school would be in the centre of Manama, but near a park, so that students
could go there in their free time to relax. There would also be coffee shops, restaurants, and some places for entertainments. My school would also have computers connected to the internet in all our classrooms. In addition, to a big gymnasium, to practise our different hobbies.

Students would study all the usual subjects such as; maths, science, and the foreign languages, nevertheless, there would be some optional subjects such as; driving lessons, cookery, and self-defence.
Furthermore, all students would have free lessons they choose to do in their free time.

In addition to the subjects on the timetable, there would be many after school activities such as; chess, drama, photography and sports. Also our school would arrange for short and long trips to different places in the weekends.

To sum up, my ideal school would be a nice place to receive my education and o spend a good time with my friends, a place I enjoy to go to.


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