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A balanced report

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A balanced report Empty A balanced report

Post  Jamal Sat Jun 26, 2010 2:28 am

To: Al wasat news paper
From: - - - - - School
Subject: air pollution
Date: 11th Nov 2008

The aim of this report is to highlight the air pollution issue which concerns people around the world.
Air pollution effects everyone of the 6 billion people on earth especially who lives in the industrial countries such as, USA, Japan and the most important for me "Setra".
On the one hand, there are several disappointing facts and figures:
Americans consume 22% of the world's oil, even though they make up just 5% the world's population- as a result the past 100 years has been heat trapping gasses increase by 22%.
• There are about 500 million cars on the planet and by 2030 it is expected to double to 1 billion cars… it is believed that current fuel supplies peaked (or increased) in 2006.
• In addition, air pollution causes human disease like cancer, asthma…etc.
When you consider that the entire atmosphere of Earth weighs 5 million, billion tons, it seems okey _but remember only a little CO2 controls the warming.
On the other
hand, the governments can decrease the pollution by:
• Encouraging the developing countries to sign pollution agreements.
• Using solar energy instead of fuel.
• Plant more trees around the factories to decrease the CO2.
To sum up, people as individual we should take serious steps to solve this problem, because we are the main reason of this issue.


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