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Performance report

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Performance report Empty Performance report

Post  Jamal Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:51 pm

Performance report
unit 6

Performance report: Alicia Hines
Job title: temporary personal assistant

Although Alicia was with us for only a few months, she quickly established herself as part of the team. Alicia is hard-working, very organized and always willing to help others. Her organizational skills were particularly useful during the relocation of our office to the ground floor; Alicia managed to set the new office up very quickly. Alicia's professional skills are of a very high standard. She has excellent IT skills and she was also able to deal with daily business correspondence with very little supervision required. The presentation of her letters was always excellent.
Alicia's knowledge of French proved to be useful in helping us to organize our trip to the trade fair in Lyons earlier this year. I was able to delegate the booking of hotels, cars and meetings with clients to her.


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