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Module 5 Class (C) Ex.Writing about the future

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Module 5 Class (C) Ex.Writing about the future Empty Module 5 Class (C) Ex.Writing about the future

Post  Jamal Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:32 am

Write a composition on your optimistic and pessimistic predictions about life in thirty years' time.[/

Use the information in the following information:

Pessimistic views

• The increasing destruction of the environment.. Man destroys forests keeps on polluting land, water and air.. change the atmosphere of the world
• animals and birds will have no chance to survive
• internet problems will dramatically increase cybercriminals and hackers attack computers and cause chaos

Optimistic views

• do everything on computer
• do shopping, buy tickets, get entertainment, study and learn about holiday offers
• postal service, TVs, and newspapers will disappear
• cars will have computers.. no traffic problems
Your opinion
• We won't enjoy our social life
• we will miss family gatherings and close relations with friends and neighbours



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