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Module seven, Writing a discursive essay

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Module seven, Writing a discursive essay Empty Module seven, Writing a discursive essay

Post  Mahmoud Mon Mar 02, 2009 1:48 am

Opportunities 302, module seven, communication workshop.

The internet is an invention of the 20th century and, of course, it
changed many things in our life. But people do not all have an agreement
on the usefulness of this invention. Some people think that the internet is
totally useful and has no disadvantages, while others say that the
disadvantages are more than the advantages.
On the one hand, the people supporting the internet claim that
through the web you can get the latest news of the world. Students and
scholars use it to prepare research papers. People can send very fast messages through emails with a click of the mouse. Moreover, there are
so many good websites that are useful for children, for example: fun websites, and websites for teaching good recitation of the Holy Quraan. In addition to that, you can chat with other people in distant places and see them at the same time.
On the other hand, the second team opposing the internet say that it is
right that it is important in our life, but they see a lot of disadvantages in it.
First, they claim that the internet helps people to waste their time easily; as they spend a lot of hours in front of the internet chatting with others on
things that are, usually, not important. Time is money. They also concentrate on the fact that spending long hours in front of the web damages the eyesight. And, most important, they strongly oppose the internet for those bad websites that are harmful for the good manners of our youth.
In my own opinion, I am in between those two extremes. I think the internet has changed our lives a lot. No doubt it is useful, however I feel it is important to look for solutions to the problems mentioned by the first team, because we need a totally safe internet.


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