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Module eight, warm-up-exercises-vocabulary,class(A)

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Module eight, warm-up-exercises-vocabulary,class(A) Empty Module eight, warm-up-exercises-vocabulary,class(A)

Post  Mahmoud Thu Mar 05, 2009 11:37 pm

Module Eng
Eight 302

(A) .......warm-up

Circle the most suitable word to complete the newspaper extract:

Dog War Ends

The Hardcastles and the Sweeneys, two families from Liverpool, have
not spoken to each other for two years, but they finally made peace
yesterday. Mr. Hardcastle said, “You could say there's been long-
standing (1) friction/violence between us. But it is over now.” Mrs.
Sweeney added, “It all began with a petty (2) argument/clash when I started putting dogs in our front garden. We had a big (3) battle/row
about them one day, and our husbands even had a (4) feud/fight
in the garden.” The (5) feud/violence ended when the Sweeneys
agreed to move the dogs into their back garden.


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