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Unit two, email writing

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Unit two, email writing Empty Unit two, email writing

Post  Mahmoud Tue Feb 24, 2009 2:47 am

Email writing
Eng 215, Unit2

You are the general manager of Logica. Your name is Mr. Anderson. You want your employees to attend the 5th anniversary party of your company. Send them an email that includes the following:

☺️What time is the party?
☺️Where is it?
☺️What is the program of the party?

From: Anderson@logica.com
To: logi@logica.com
Subject: 5th anniversary party

Dear employees,
I would like to thank every one of you for your hard work. I really owe the success of our company to your efforts. As you all know, the 5th anniversary of our company is imminent. Hence, I am pleased to congratulate you. We will have a great party for this occasion, and, of course, you are all invited. The party is going to be in the Plaza Hotel. The secretariat department is going to be responsible for organizing the party and inviting our partners. Other departments are going to be responsible for setting the timetable of the party and receiving the guests. With your sincere efforts, I am sure the party will be a success.
There are surprises waiting for you!!! Be sure not to miss the party on December 3rd next Monday.
All the best
Mr. Anderson
The general manager


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