Module 5, grammar, Other uses for will

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Module 5, grammar, Other uses for will

Post  Jamal on Sat Mar 07, 2009 5:09 am

Other uses for Will

In these examples 'will' is clearly referring to the future.

o I'll probably visit Sue when I go to Oxford.
o If I see her, I'll tell her about it.
o Next year she'll be 42. Or so she says.

However, in these examples 'will' is referring to events happening at the present.

o My car won't start.
o I'll answer that.
o Will you have another cup of tea?

When we use 'will' referring to the present, the idea being expressed is usually one of 'showing willingness' or 'will power'.

o My baby won't stop crying. I've tried everything and I'm really exhausted.
o I am the boss. You will do as I say.
o I need quiet to write this but he will keep on talking to me. I wish he would leave me alone.

Use 'will' for requests, orders, invitations and offers.

o Will you help me?
o Will you please sit down?
o Will you have some cake?
o I'll help you.

Use 'will' for promises and threats.

o I'll do it at once. I'll phone him immediately.
o I'll remember this. I'll get my own back some day.

Use 'will' for habit.

o A cat will always find a warm place to sleep.
o My car won't go any faster than this.

Use 'will' for deduction.

o The phone's ringing. That will be Mark.
o I expect he'll want us to start without him.


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