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How to make something

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How to make something Empty How to make something

Post  Jamal Tue Oct 25, 2011 2:40 am

How to Make something

__________الشيئ المراد عمله is an-a دوله اوبلدdish. It is very tasty to eat. You can eat it in dinner or lunch. الشيئ المراد عمله-------is very easy to make.

To make ---------- الشيئyou will need -------,---------,----------,and -----------. Also, you will need some-----------,----------and ----------. You will need cooking tools like a cooking pan, Plates and spoons.

First, we boil the -----------in the cooking pan on the oven until it is ready. Second, we cook the ---------and the --------with the Italian spices until they are ready. Next, we add the vegetables and the sauce with the------------. Then we put the cooked chicken and the --------to--------. Finally we add the Swiss cheese until it melts. Remember that you must boil the ------alone. Also you must cook the -------and the ---------with the Italian spices or the -------will not be tasty. And you should not add the cheese until you have cooked everything together.

Finally, the result will be a tasty ------------. Just serve it on a plate with a drink. You can eat it at any time. And it is not difficult or hard to make.


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