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Post  Jamal Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:49 pm

Email for giving feedback
unit 6

Ahmed worked on "the Beamer" project. He asked his colleague, Safiya, to give him feedback on his performance in the project.

Dear Ahmed,
Thank you for your hard work on the Beamer project. It proved successful despite all the problems. You asked for some feedback, so here are some thoughts. Of course, you have the right to accept, refuse and discuss them with me.
We are pleased that all the deadlines were met. But the problem is that you went over the budget. You need to control the finances better in the next project.
Moreover, some distributors complained that there are problems with the items. Try to deal with that. In addition, the staff felt that communication among them was not good. I hope you will find a solution for that.
I hope you are not angry with my comments. Let me know your opinion about them.


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