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Module five, Writing, Describing a person

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Module five, Writing, Describing a person Empty Module five, Writing, Describing a person

Post  Mahmoud Sat Mar 07, 2009 2:05 am

Write a description of a person you know and like:

My cousin

My cousin is called Abbas. He is a teenager, as he is eighteen years old, and he lives with my uncle in a big house in the countryside. He is a student in the University of Bahrain. He studies medicine because he wants to be a doctor. He likes football. He hates junk foods such as burgers, and he never watches films.
Abbas has got long black hair and clear brown eyes. He is tall and well-built. His face is round. He wears sports wear as he usually does exercises because he likes to keep fit. He is hard-working, generous and helpful.
Abbas is very popular within the family because he is really sociable. He visits his relatives very often. All his neighbours like him and wish him a happy life. One of his goals is to finish university to help the patients of his village.


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