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Describing a place

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Describing a place Empty Describing a place

Post  Jamal Tue Oct 25, 2011 2:13 am

My favorite place

My favorite place is -------------- . I think it is a nice -----------and I like to go there with my family or friends. It is a big ---------in ---------------.

---------المكانwas built --------years ago. First, the ---------with all its shops was built. Secondly, two hotels and an indoor water park were built last year. -------المكان is a very big mall with many nice shops. You can find everything in المكان ------- shops, from food to T.Vs. Also there is a market, which you can buy tasty food from.

----------المكان is the best place to buy anyrhing you need. There are over 100 shops. The indoor water park is the biggest in the Middle East. The المكان-------has a big parking space, so you can always find a park for your car. When I go there I have a lot of fun. I enjoy shopping and eating. When I go I have the best time.

Finally, the ----------المكان is the best place I go to. It is big and lovely. And I love to go there with my friends and family.


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