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Writing a report

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Writing a report Empty Writing a report

Post  Jamal Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:52 pm

Report writing
Unit 12

You work for a large firm of accounting. You are worried about the rising costs of the company's mobile phone bills. Write a report to your boss, Mr. Edgar Basham, about this issue.

Mobile phone use
The aim of this report is to find out why the company's mobile phone bills have been increasing and to look at ways of making savings.
# More mobile phones are being given to junior managers than
those to more senior.
# The number of international calls made has increased
# More personal calls are being made.
# 58% of the calls are on business.
A new policy should be followed:
# Only junior managers who travel a lot should be given mobile
# Personal calls should be restricted.
# Mangers should only make international calls when it is urgent.


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