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Post  Jamal Wed Jan 18, 2012 1:22 am

This report aims to assess the movements towards animal extinction. The information in this report is based on facts and statistics from Wildlife Watch Institute and other organizations.

In many ways the present situation is not very positive for animals
By cutting down trees man destroys the natural habitats of various animal species. For example, over a quarter of the world's reptiles are dying out because of deforestation.
Unjustified hunting of certain species puts a number of animals and birds on the brink of extinction. The endangered animals on the Red List have grown dramatically in the last few years. This list includes the giant panda, the gorilla and the tiger.
Pollution kills more than 15% of the wildlife on earth. Pesticides and chemicals have a major impact on certain species of birds, too.

However, the future is not all gloomy
The World Wildlife Fund began a programme to restore habitats by planting large areas of forests. This led up to the recovering of the white rhino which was on the verge of extinction in 1970.
Rules are made by some governments to stop desertification and hunting of rare species.
Zoos and national reserves are set up to give help to the endangered species around the world.

To sum up, although people are starting to become aware of the problem, the outlook is not bright. Governments should take up the challenge and set up new realistic programmes to raise awareness of this issue, protect animals, reduce pollution and maintain their habitats.


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